July and August 2017 is very exciting for Rainforest Scuba with a Dive Show from Brazil filming 4 epsidodes on their program with Rainforest Scuba being a part of one... Hoping to get a platypus on film or some of the other interesting and rare aquatic lifeforms. 
The BBC is also here to film the platypus and they are filming it for 7 Worlds.......
Japanese Film Crew from NHK

Exclusive shots from the filming of the documentry that took 3 weeks and aired in Japan on the 27th November 2013.

Front page spread and inside story from the Platypus press.
Dr Chris Brown the Bondi Vet. "The Living Room"
Being interviewed by SEA FM crew Jay & Dave....also taught them to belly dance at the end.
ABC Open filming and diving in the rainforest while hoping to see a platypus.
David Whitehall from channel 9 came diving and filming in the rainforest and loved the marine life.
Dean Miller, Carol Horn and Aaron filming for Queensland Weekender.
Collecting platypus food with Tom Grant one of only 3 experts in the world.
Tom personally signed a copy of his book just for me.
Elisa the winner of "The Best Job in the World"  park ranger section from over 5,000 applicantts.  
French film crew filmimg the dive with the platypus and the making of the documentry.

TESTIMONIAL from Tina Jorgensen
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