World 1st Scuba Diving in the Rainforest
World 1st Scuba Diving in the Rainforest
Diving in the Rainforest & Mackay/Isaac Region

Rainforest  Scuba offers you a WORLDS 1st chance of a lifetime to dive in the RAINFOREST'S crystal clear freshwater with a large varity of turtles, 8 spieces of fish, rare gordian worms, 2 breeds of eels, 3 types of freshwater shrimp and if you're one of the lucky ones a platypus. The only dive shop in the world that can offer you this unique experience to dive in the rainforest waters with the chance of being in the water at the same time as a platypus.

Great Barrier Reef Ocean shore dives are also available with beautiful reefs and an abundance of marine life from the smallest nudibranch to Wobbygongs. Colours abound with soft and hard corals not to mention the tropical fish in all their glorious colours.

Rainforest Scuba is the only PADI dive shop in the Mackay/Isaac region that offers scuba diving in Mackay, with PADI courses from Bubble Maker to Dive Master and a full range of equipment to buy.

Scuba diving in Mackay and surrounds is available at anytime as you dictate the shop and dive times and not the other way around.
Dive in Platypus waters in the rainforest, a unique experience that no one else offers.
Freshwater eel-tailed catfish, just one of the many types of marine life including turtles.
Green turtle taking a break after a feed on the Great Barrier Reef.
White tip reef shark resting on the bottom with a remora attached as a companion.
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Peek a Boo

I'm watching you from over the log and an eeltail catfish enjoying the limelight.
We have all the dive gear you need to make your dive comfortable and safe.
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