Sunset Island time
Sunset from my bungalow
Relaxing on my bungalow veranda with a drink and a beautiful sunset view.
Dive Trips

Our trip to Tiomen Island, Malaysia

We had a wonderful time filled with diving and touring around.  We stayed in cabins right on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset over the water every night.

Diving was casual and fun with so many wonders to see and if you are into the small stuff you'll find it here.

Nudibranchs, hard coral, soft coral, and crinoids were also in abundance in the warm tropical waters.

The highlight of my dive time was when a beautiful cuttlefish decided to fall in love with me and put on a spectacular show of colour.  Not only did he display for me but he followed me and kept coming up so close to me which allowed for some fantastic footage.
Cuttlefish love
My besotted friend
He loved me so much that he followed me for ages and didn't care if anyone saw
Yellow & purple fan
Yellow & purple fan
Nembrotha Kubaryana
Nembrotha Kubaryana
Clown fish
Clowning around
Puffer fish
One big puffer
Blue spot stingray
Blue spot stingray
Moray Eel
Peek a boo eel
We stayed and dived with Tiomen Dive Centre where the atmosphere was casual and relaxed with Island Time with breakfast included in the deal.  For dinner we would wander to local eateries and enjoy the local cusine which never failed.  The highlight were the freshly caught BBQ'd seafood.
A fantastic trip with sightseeing along the way. 

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